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Sunday, June 21st.



Re-Entry Into Church Buildings Check List


Staffing and the Ministry & Personnel Committee

Ministry and Personnel Committees have a vital role in the reopening of the churches. It is important to have a conversation with each employee. For some of your staff there will be a level of mental fatigue, especially for those who have worked to keep the Pastoral Charge operational, through worship and Pastoral Care.

With that in mind:

… Meet with all staff – virtually right now

… Ask how they are doing and how their family is doing

… Ask how this time has been for them

… Ask how they are feeling about returning to the office (if applicable) and in person worship

… What learnings have they gained, what went well and what was difficult

… Ministry Personnel and Lay Employees who are vulnerable (over 60 or have compromised health) should work with their Ministry and Personnel Committee to develop an alternate option to limit exposure to groups and high-risk activities

… Ministry and Personnel Committees should contact the Regional Minister to come up with a plan for return in person ministry


Caring for the Church Building and Hall

… In your announcement and in your plan you should advise any staff or congregants who are symptomatic or have been advised by public health 8-1-1 to report their symptoms, to self-isolate and stay at home


 … It would be wise to post the symptoms so people can see what they are and know how to assess when to stay home (Fever above 38C, a new cough, or worsening cough, headache, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, muscle pain, diarrhea, loss of sense of taste, loss of smell, and in children, purple markings on the fingers and toes)

… 2 meters will need to be observed where people sit. Churches may need to measure and rope off areas where people cannot sit to maintain physical distancing


For contact tracing (if/when required) for each use of the building, there needs to be a record of:

o Name and phone number of the people who were in the building

o Date and time that the gathering took place

o Purpose for the gathering


After each use of the building cleaning with a disinfectant will need to happen. All disinfectants that have a drug identification number (DIN) have been approved for sale in Canada. While most disinfectants will work against coronavirus, the following list of hard-surface disinfectants are supported by evidence following drug review, demonstrating that they are likely to be effective and may be used against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.


Cleaning for the Church Building and Hall

Churches are encouraged to make a checklist of the places and items to clean for your worship and meeting space. Some things to consider:

… Thoroughly clean bathrooms with disinfectant – toilets (inside, outside and around the basin) – counters - sinks – taps – paper towel dispensers - door handles

… Hymnbook are difficult to disinfect (perhaps best not to use them or pew bibles)

… Backs of pews

… Microphones

… Musical instruments

… Chairs

… Tables

     All Door Handles

     All other highly used areas

     Light switches

… People need to be aware of the hand sanitizer stations and places where they can wash their hands.

… Public washrooms need to be equipped with hot and cold running water under pressure, liquid soap, paper towels, and garbage containers. Hand washing signs must be posted

… You may wish to ask staff and congregants to wear a mask when coming to church for any activity


Tenant and Group Use of Buildings


Tenants must have a plan before returning to your church. This plan should include but not limited to:

o Cleaning is the responsibility of the church

o If you expect your tenant to clean, it is important that you are satisfied that the cleaning practices are safe and consistently applied

o Physical Distancing needs to be maintained

o They must maintain their own contact tracing list, this must be kept for at least 30 days

o Advise of the entrance and exit they are to use

o If they have had use of the whole building it might be prudent at this time to negotiate this to one or two rooms as this will help with cleaning

o You might consider a clause in the tenant agreement to read that failure to maintain the health and government regulations may result in termination of the agreement


Group Use of Buildings: this is for those who are one-time users of the building eg: baby showers birthday parties etc.

o Churches must include these types of events in their plan and make your plan available to the groups using the church

o Church must assume all cleaning following the event to ensure that proper cleaning is completed

o The group must keep a list of all people and contacts for those attending the event; this must be kept for at least 30 days. Groups need to use only the agreed upon space


Worship Guidelines


If communion is offered:

Communion is similar to buffet and will need to be treated with great care

… The officiant and servers must use hand sanitizer before offering communion

… Individual pieces of bread and individual cups are offered

… Servers offer the bread and cup to each person rather than each person taking them from a communal plate or tray

… Each communicant places their empty cup into a separate receptacle

… Disposable cups should be used


Passing the Peace and the Offering Plate

… Physical distancing must be maintained

… Offering a way to have the passing of the peace without physical touching. Perhaps a phrase or pressing hands together in a prayerful bow, a wave, a nod or some non-contact gesture can convey the message of peace

… Encourage people to contribute through online giving, PAR, E-Transfer or posted dated cheques. Passing the offering plate should be avoided. Place the plate in the church for people to drop their offering into, and have gloves available for volunteers handling cash or cheques





… There should be no congregational or choir singing

… Soloists must be at safe distances from each other and from the congregation


Communal singing poses serious risks! Scientific evidence shows that the forceful breathing action of singing disperses the plume of aerosolized droplets from a singer’s mouth much further than six feet. Public health officials have said that masks cannot completely contain such forcefully expelled mist. Tests have proven that microscopic ‘droplet nuclei’ that can contain the virus remain suspended in the air for up to 3 hours. As the science changes we will update Communities of faith.




Special Services

Baptisms when appropriate:

… For infant baptism, the parents should be the only ones to hold the baby. The officiant will sanitize hands before the baptism. For infant, child and adult baptism, water should come from individual cups or a bottle for each person, not the common font. If possible, have a separate bowl that sits in the font for each individual who will be baptized


Weddings and Funerals

… We will need to follow our government restrictions. If they happen in the church, physical distancing will need to be maintained and cleaning protocols need to be followed


Please be in touch with your Regional Minister or your Regional Executive Minister if you have questions or concerns.






First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council


First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council

June 9, 2020 Staff Directory

Making Hope Visible Podcast – Justice and Mission Network of the Atlantic Regions of the United Church of Canada

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Prayer from Rev. Paula Gale, Herring Neck Pastoral Charge

  Creating God, as the plants bloom in greenhouses and gardens, the bees pollinate the trees, as the bounty of the sea is landed at the wharves; we see you at work in our world and are reminded that you are also at work in and through us.  As new life springs forth around us in the nature, you have provided for us to steward, we pray we would remember always the promise of new life you offer to each of us through Jesus Christ our Lord.  May the example shown in the lived hope of the greening earth be a balm for our souls as we continue to live in these uncertain and rather strange times.  Just as you remain faithful through the changing seasons dear Lord, you remain faithful to us through the changing times of our lives.  

We continue to struggle with life during pandemic O God, and as public health restrictions are slowly being lifted in our Province, we pray that you would give us sense, wisdom and the desire for care for others.  We pray that you would give church congregations the gift of prayerful discernment so they might know how to best care for the physical and spiritual needs of your beloved ones as we think about and prepare for returning to our sacred spaces sometime in the future.

This week, as our United Church of Canada turns 95, we give you thanks dear Lord, for all of Christ’s own who have called this denomination their faith home through the generations.  We give thanks for those who have lived out their calling as ordered ministry personnel and all of the lay people who have striven to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  For all the faithful who have been grounded in their own faith and have shared the love of Christ with our world through our denomination we give you thanks dear Lord.  As we have envisioned our work anew in these recent years, we pray now that you would help us to continue to celebrate the ways that, though our buildings have been closed these many months, the church, the body of Christ in the world, has been as much or more alive than ever.  For the new ways you have helped us find in order to share the gospel message, to comfort the troubled and to care for those in need, we give you thanks, O God.  For the many ministries of our church and the many who call it their faith home, we pray.  We pray especially for our Moderator Richard, our General Secretary Nora and our Executive Minister Faith, our regional ministers, General Council Executive and all of the staff who support us in the life and work we carry out in Christ’s name together.

   We confess to you, O God, that as faithful as we have tried to be to the call of Christ in our lives, we have fallen short of the love and welcome he has asked us to provide.  We know that, in your eyes, O God, all lives are precious but we confess that we have forgotten that and given priority to some at the expense of others.  We pray that all those who have been harmed because of race, gender, economic status or in any way might be heard and acknowledged.  We pray that all of us who have abused our privilege would hear your call from the prophet Micah that we are to walk humbly with you and do what is fair and just to our neighbours, being compassionate and loyal in our love and not taking ourselves too seriously but taking you, God, and your message of love seriously.

We hold up to you the prayers of our hearts, holding to the promise that we are never alone for you, O God, are with us.  We rejoice in that promise and the good news of Christ our Lord, in whose name we pray.  Amen.

Grand Bank United Church Celebrates the 95th Anniversary of The United Church of Canada Grand Bank United Church celebrated the 95th anniversary of The United Church of Canada with a special Church Union Worship service on June 7th. There will also be a day of greetings and song on June 10 (the actual anniversary date).



Conversation with Clergy

The next session of Conversation with Clergy will take place on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 1 pm. The topic will be vacation time. The zoom call instructions will be distributed next week.


Rendez-vous 2020

Rendez-vous 2020 will be going ahead in August 2020—just in a different way. Due to the ongoing health crisis, we will not be able to hold a large gathering in Calgary.  Rendez-vous brings together youth (entering grade 9 and up to any age), young adults, and their leaders from across the church. Through real-time online events, recordings, and DIY workshop kits, we will celebrate bold faith, brave space, and brazen grace.  For more information:


Funding Ministry in a COVID-19 World


Webinar & Brainstorming Session


  • Inspire and Invite Support for Your Ministry 
  • Discuss Safe & Innovative Ways to Raise Funds
  • Bring/Brag/Borrow Ideas 


Thursday, June 11th   2:00 – 3:30 pm (NDT)

RSVP: Email

Zoom Link Will Be Provided


Facilitators: Roger Janes, Stewardship and Gifts Officer


Black Lives Matter Prayer Vigil

Join the Black Lives Matter prayer vigil Sunday, June 14, 2020, 7:00 pm EST (1 hour approximately)

Denominational Service of Prayer and Reflection, United Against Racism: Black Lives Matter to The United Church of Canada.


The Black Clergy of The United Church of Canada invites the whole church to join for a time of worship, prayer and reflection in the face of the issues of anti-Black racism in our country and in the church. In worship we will lament, we will hope and we will be reminded of the need to act against racism. Our worship will seek to shine light in and on the darkness of racism


Prayer Room Ministry

Dates – Every Tuesday beginning on June 2, 2020 Time: 1.00 pm EST. Length – Half hour



Regional Council

June 16, 2020

1.00 pm EST – 2.00 pm AST

Fundy- St. Lawrence Dawning Waters

June 23, 2020

1.00 pm EST


June 30, 2020

1.00 pm EST

Eastern Ontario Outaouais

July 7, 2020

1.00 pm EST

East Central Ontario

July 14, 2020

1.00 pm EST

Shining waters

July 21, 2020

1.00 pm EST

Horseshoe Falls

July 28, 2020

1.00 pm EST

Western-Ontario Waterways

August 4, 2020

1.00 pm EST

Antler-River Watershed

August 11, 2020

1.00 pm EST

Canadian Shield

August 18, 2020

1.00 pm EST – 12.00 pm (CST)

Prairie to Pine

August 25, 2020

1.00 pm EST -12.00 am CST

Living Skies

September 1, 2020

1.00 pm EST – 11.00 MDT

Chinook Winds

September 8, 2020

1.00 pm EST – 11.00 MDT

Northern Spirit

September 15, 2020

1.00 pm EST – 10.00 am PST

Pacific Mountain


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