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Coughlan United Churh

Welcome to Harbour Grace Pastoral Charge

Church Directory

Rev. Nancy Mojica- Fisher (Chair)
Pauline Penney (Clerk of Session)
Gerald Parsons
Lloyd Pike
Gordon Taylor
Carol Parsons
Philomena Parsons
Committee of Stewards
   Coughlan Cemetery Committee
Members of Stewards
Members of the Manse Committees
Trustees (Coughlan and Spaniard’s Bay)
Members of Ministry Personnel Committee
Representative of the United Church Women
Representative of the Men’s Service Club
Lay Delegates of East District

Manse Committee:
Cluney Hurley (Chair.)        
                      Forbes Parsons                               
      Philomena Parsons
Anne Peddle
Glenys Godden
Robert Tetford IV
Ruby Pike
Ronals Thornhill
East District Lay Delegates
John Ivanowskoff