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We rejoice in celebrating special milestones and occasions in the lives of our members.

Glenda Pike celebrated her Birthday, Friday, November


Joyce Guilfoyle will celebrate her Birthday, Tuesday, November 24th.


A BLUE CHRISTMAS &  MEMORIAL SERVICE. A letter will be out this week to all members of the Pastoral Charge regarding the Blue Christmas & Memorial Service which will be held on the fourth Sunday of Advent, December 20, at 11 am. We will remember during worship those who have  been called by God from our presence. The deadline to send in the names of your loved one(s) and your Memorial donation is on or before Wednesday, Decemebr 16th.


PLEASE BE MINDFUL THAT WE ARE IN PANDEMIC. We ask that you take extra precautionary measures as you enter to worship. Please follow the health hygiene- washing of hands for 20 seconds, wear mask and practice social distancing as much as possible. Please use the hand sanitizer at the foyer and in the pews. We are going ahead with the Advent and Christmas Services with Covid-19 in mind. Should there be any changes in the course of pandemic, and, upon the advise of the NL Health and Safety, we may have to  stop the in-person worship.  However, live streaming worship will be done at the manse ( as we have done in the spring).


FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT & JESSE TREE. Next Sunday is First Sunday of Advent. Every year at the start of Advent, we launch the Jesse Tree gift giving.  Due to Covid19 pandemic, we will not  do the traditional way  of gathering around the Jesse Tree by the altar to pick a card. This time, a huge drawing of  a Jesse Tree will be posted on the wall at the foyer. A drop off container will be provided  as well. Each Advent Sunday, till Christmas, we ask that you bring the non perishable food item listed below to the church. All donations of food will go to the Ronald MacDonald House in town. Let us keep the gift of giving alive in our hearts this Advent and Christmas seasons, even during this pandemic. Here are the lsit of food to bring each Sunday:

Advent 1 -November 29 – Sugar & Flour

Advent 2 -December 6   -  Peanut Butter, Jam, Cheese Whiz

Advent 3 -December 13 – Tea bags, Coffee, Cereal

Advent 4- Decemebr 20 - Tin food, packs of juice

Christmas Eve -Dec 24 – Spaghetti noodles, kraft dinner


WHITE GIFT SUNDAY & STELLA BURRY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST. December 13th the Third Sunday of Advent is White Gift Sunday. We will receive on this day the Stella Burry Christmas wish list. It is requested that all items on the list must be donated new. Again, because of pandemic, we will provide a drop off container at the foyer wrapped in White paper. As you enter the church, we ask that you put in the container your white gift. Your gifts will go to centers operated by Stella Burry Community Services that provide shelters for women, men and youth who are in need.  You may choose from the list below:


Stella Burry Community Services Christmas Wish List


Household Items:

Dishes ‚ Pot & pans ‚ Forks, knives, spoons ‚ Utensils ‚ Knives ‚ Cutting Board ‚ Kettle ‚ Toaster ‚ Plastic mixing bowls ‚ Electric mixer ‚ Dish cloths & pot cloths ‚ Pillows ‚ Single Sheets ‚ Cups, mugs and glasses ‚ Pie Plates, cake pans, pizza pans ‚ Cookie sheets ‚ Can openers ‚ Colander ‚ Blankets & Pillows ‚ Dish Racks ‚ Casserole Dishes ‚ Bath towels & face cloths ‚ Frying pans

Personal Care Items: 

‚ Shampoo ‚ Deodorant (especially men) ‚ Hair brushes and combs ‚ Hair spray and gels ‚ Razors ‚ Shaving creams and gels ‚ Toothbrush and toothpaste ‚ Soap ‚ Moisturizer




Other Helpful Items:

‚ Socks (for men and women) ‚ Underwear (for men and women including sizes Large – 5X) ‚ Night shirts ‚ Pyjamas and pyjama bottoms ‚ Slippers ‚ Night wear sizes 1X-5X ‚ Hats and gloves ‚ Winter Wear (Coats, Jackets, gloves and hats) ‚ Footwear (indoor & outdoor, especially for winter) Donations can be delivered to:


GIFT CARDS valued at $5 & $10 (ex. Subway, Tim Hortons, Walmart, etc.)



Stella`s Circle Foundation

142 Military Road

St. John`s, NL  A1C 2E6


NOTE: Gifts should be new & remain unwrapped

Donations of personal care items and personal clothing

(ex. socks, underwear, pajamas) can only be accepted if

new and in their original packaging.